Calculate Your Housing Allowance

Read here before proceeding

If you are in one of the following groups, please contact your local council for advice before continuing:

  • a Tenant claiming for a caravan site rent or the letting of a caravan/mobile home
  • a Tenant whose rent includes a substantial amount for board and attendance
  • someone living in a hostel
  • a Rent Act protected Tenant
  • a Tenant claiming for a mooring or the letting of a house boat/other vessel used as a dwelling

For couples and single people claiming under certain circumstances the number of bedrooms you are entitled to is fixed. Choose the 'Shared accommodation' rate if one or more of the below applies:

  • you are one of a couple, don't live with dependants and rent a room in a shared home
  • you are 34 years or younger and live alone (there are exemptions for severely disabled people, care leavers under 22 years of age or those with a bedroom used by care workers providing overnight care)
  • you are 35 years or over and rent a room for your sole use in a shared home

Choose the '1 bedroom' rate if you are 35 years or over and rent a self-contained property (eg a whole flat or house).

To calculate housing benefit you must first calculate how many bedrooms you are entitled to as your housing benefit will be based on this, and not property size.

Housing benefit applies to Tenants renting from private Landlords, and the amount depends on the area you live.

Before checking your Housing Benefit rate - You will need:

  • details of how many people live in your household, including family members, non-dependants, boarders and sub-Tenants
  • to know whether you are entitled to an additional bedroom for someone not living with you, but who provides necessary overnight care for you or your partner

Warning: There is a limit on the total amount of benefit that most people aged 16 to 64 can get - this is called a benefit cap. Read more and find out if you are affected.

Please note: The LHA Calculator provides an indication of the maximum allowance you could receive. You should seek advice from your local authority housing benefits office for confirmation of your Local Housing Allowance before you sign a tenancy agreement.

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